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In-Home Academic Tutoring

North Coast Tutoring Services provides in-home tutoring for children in all subjects, all ages, and all grades throughout Northeast Ohio.  With more than 300 degreed, professional tutors, we are able to provide clients with the most productive and finest education experience.

Special Needs Tutoring

Tutoring customized to fit individual needs.  Our in-home tutors have the experience to make learning interesting for those children who do not fit the “typical student profile.”  In addition, many children with learning differences are eligible for one the exciting State of Ohio scholarship programs. Our 300 highly skilled and trained tutors are available for your special needs program.

Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Program.  As approved providers for this exciting new program, North Coast Tutoring provides the tutoring to qualified special needs children.  Scholarship funds are available for up to $20,000 per child, per year depending on diagnoses.

Autism Scholarship Program.  Also approved as providers for this unique program for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, North Coast Tutoring Services has been working with children since the inception of the program.  Scholarship funds are available for up to $20,000 per child, per year.