Tutor Spotlight — Vikki


“I love working with kids and seeing
the pride on their face when they understand
the concept we are working on.”
— Vikki


 Vikki is a former resident of Springfield, Missouri who relocated to Northeast Ohio to live near family.  She currently resides in Euclid — a proud mother of two and grandmother of five.

A graduate of Lake Erie College, Vikki earned a master’s degree.  As a student, her favorite subject was literature.  Vikki taught in the Euclid City Schools for fourteen years and became a tutor in 2008.  She first started tutoring for North Coast Education Services in 2013.  That same year, she became certified to teach Richards Learning Systems® and Real Life Ma+h.

In 2014, Vikki became a camp counselor for the Academic Fun & Fitness Camp, sponsored by the Creative Education Institute.  She worked for the camp last summer and is excited to return for Summer 2016.

As a tutor and former teacher, Vikki appreciates the diversity and variety in her teaching experiences.  “I get to work with kids from different background and cultures,” she said.  “I think I learn as much from them as they do from me.”

With so many years of experience, Vikki has a lot of fond memories from the classroom.  One of her favorites was from a day when she was substituting in a familiar classroom.  “By the end of the day, I went from ‘Oh, no!  Not [Miss Vikki]!’ to their second favorite teacher.”

In her spare time, Vikki plays softball in an over 45 league and plays on a tournament team.  She is also a volunteer with her church for local community outreach programs.

Thank you so much, Vikki, for all that you do!

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Nikki is the Director of Student Services for North Coast Education Services. She coordinates the tutoring for all private students, assists with in-school programs, and is responsible for the NCES blog. Nikki is also the Assistant Camp Director of the Academic Fun & Fitness Camp, a summer program for students with learning disabilities in Kirtland, OH.