Last Chance to Register for Our Spring ACT Class at Lakeland

Our spring ACT class starts in less than four weeks.  Is your teen registered for our class?  If not, there is still time to register for our latest ACT class at Lakeland Community College.

The Advantages of Classroom Test-Prep

Preparing for the ACT alone can be a daunting task.  There is so much to review – content, directions, math formulas, the essay, and more.  Establishing and sticking with a study plan is especially tricky for teens who are used to cramming at the last minute.  Dozens of testing resources are available, but which is best?  What is most effective?  And who do you go to if you have questions about the exam?

Dedicated Study Time

One of the advantages of preparing for the ACT in a classroom environment is the benefit of scheduled prep time.  With a regular weekly class, your teen is guaranteed to spend at least that class time reviewing for the exam.  But, for the best results, your teen must dedicate some additional time at home to reviewing the strategies learned in class.  Before you select a class or a tutor, ensure they will assign homework.  Otherwise, your teen risks forgetting everything taught during the session.

A Professional Instructor

A benefit of studying in a classroom format is the ability to ask the instructor for suggestions and advice.  Our classes at Lakeland Community College are taught by professional, experienced instructors.  Every section of the test is thoroughly reviewed, including content and tips and strategies to save time.

Register Today for our Spring ACT Class at Lakeland!

How to Register

To register for our spring ACT class at Lakeland, click on the picture above or click here.  You will register through the Lakeland Community College website.


If you have questions about the classes that we offer at Lakeland, please contact Kimberly Page, our Program Director of College for Kids and Teens at Lakeland Community College.  You can reach her by phone at (440) 914-0200 or by email at

Don’t Forget to Register!

Our Spring ACT Class at Lakeland starts Tuesday, April 4, 2017.  Space is still available…so sign up today!  Click here to register now!


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