Six More Days for the Jon Peterson Scholarship!

Have you heard the news?

You only have six more days to apply for the Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship!

This scholarship is made available to Ohio students who have a child with a diagnosed learning disability.  The proceeds of the scholarship are used for the student to have an alternative education experience, as opposed to the public school system.  Students on the Jon Peterson Scholarship can be enrolled in a private school or may be homeschooled.  Scholarship families receive up to $27,000 a year for services on the student’s IEP.


For more information about the Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship, click here!


North Coast Tutoring Services has been an approved provider to the Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship since it launched in 2012.  Our team will guide you every step of the way through the scholarship process.  We will answer your questions and submit the application on your behalf.  Then, we will work to design a specialized curriculum to meet your student’s needs.

Families can apply for the Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship twice a year.  Applications are currently being accepted for the 2017 half-year scholarship, from January to June 2017.  (Full-year scholarship applications will become available in February 2017.)

If you are still interested in applying, you have six more days.  So, why wait?  Get started today!


For more information on the Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship, please contact us at (440) 914-0200 or at

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