Announcing Our Lakeland Summer 2017 Class Schedule!

North Coast Education Services is proud to announce our Lakeland Summer 2017 class schedule!  Take a class with us this summer at Lakeland Community College in Kirtland, Ohio.  Here’s our new schedule:

Learn About Our Lakeland Classes

Not sure which of our Lakeland Summer 2017 classes is right for your student?  Read on to learn more about our individual classes:

Basic Reading Skills with Richards Learning Systems®

Improve basic reading skills with the award-winning Richards Learning Systems®.  This multi-sensory, systematic approach to reading adjusts to individual learning styles.  If you struggle with word attack skills, comprehension, or spelling, this class is for you.  Classes are available for grades K – 12.

Basic Math Skills with Real Life Ma+h

Real Life Ma+h is a multi-sensory, systematic math program.  Students successfully learn problem solving and computation skills using this program.  Content varies by grade level and may include place value, basic functions, fractions, word problems, ratios or proportions.  Classes are available for grades K – 12.

Bonus – Take Reading and Math!

Our reading and math skills classes are scheduled so students can take both classes back to back.  A short break is offered between classes.

Math Skills – Jr. High and High School

For Lakeland Summer 2017, we will offer both a Pre-Algebra class and an Algebra 1 review.


This class is for students who have not had Algebra.  Students will begin to address the operations or real and rational numbers as well as equations, inequalities, graphing, and word problems.

Algebra 1 Review

This class is designed especially for students who have taken Algebra 1.  Students will review, practice, and strengthen their number sense with decoding unknowns and variables.

ACT Test-Taking Strategies and Tactics

Students will learn and apply test-taking strategies and tactics using actual ACT questions.  This course covers all sections of the ACT, including English, Math, Reading, Science, and the optional essay.  Our ACT course aligns with the national test date of September 9, 2017, so students are prepped in time for the exam.

Registration is Now Open!

Click here to register for our Lakeland Summer 2017 Classes!  (All class registration is handled directly by Lakeland Community College.)  If you have questions about our Lakeland classes, please call North Coast Education Services at (440) 914-0200 and ask to speak with Kelly Preston, or email her at  We can’t wait to see you in class this summer!

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