Family Fun Day BONUS — Sensory-Friendly Performance of “Kaput”

As part of the 6th Annual International Children’s Theatre Festival, Playhouse Square will present a sensory-friendly performance of one of its shows.  In January, the non-profit theatre company presented its first sensory-friendly performance.  During the performance, lights were left on and families were allowed to talk, get up and move around the theatre.  While these changes may seem minor, they make a tremendous difference for children with Autism and other sensory issues.

For the theatre festival, the sensory-friendly performance will be of their Australian show, Kaput.  Reminiscent of the silent movie era, Kaput is a slapstick comedy show about a clumsy repairman.  This performance is presented for individuals and families who would otherwise be unable to attend a show in a traditional theatrical setting.

As a special treat, the Downtown Kiwanis Club is helping offset the cost of the performance.  Discounted tickets ($7.50 instead of $15) must be purchased through Playhouse Square directly.  Individuals and families are welcome to stay after the performance for the festival’s other special events, workshops, and concerts.





  • The sensory-friendly performance of Kaput will be presented Saturday, May 9th at 4:00 pm.


  • Thanks to the Downtown Kiwanis Club, tickets are only $7.50 a person. (The normal price is $15.)  Tickets must be purchased through Sarah Yi at Playhouse Square.  You can call her at (216) 640-8604, or e-mail her at


  • Playhouse Square is located at 1501 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44115. Outdoor entertainment offerings will take place on the U.S. Bank Plaza.  Kaput will be presented at the Hanna Theatre.


  • To purchase tickets, contact Sarah Yi at (216) 640-8604 or at
  • For any questions about the festival, you can call Moira Beale at 216-640-8608, or visit




Thank you, Playhouse Square, for providing us with these wonderful pictures!

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